Quick Breakfast Ideas for Busy Parents

Jan 18, 2019

You’ve heard it a thousand times — breakfast is the most important meal of the day. We all want our kids to start their morning with a nutritional boost, but sometimes the early rush hour gets in the way of our healthiest and tastiest options.

So, if you’ve been searching for time conscious, nutritious, and tasty breakfast ideas, you’ve come to the right place. Here are a few quick breakfast for kids ideas that you can make at home in a flash. And your family will love every one of them.

Fruit Smoothies and Breakfast Shakes

If your kids aren’t inclined to eat a fresh bowl of delicious and nutritious fruit, make it into a healthy and tasty special drink instead. Just take fresh fruit (berries work especially well with this) and put them in the blender with orange juice and ice.

You can also make a similar drink but in a great kid-friendly breakfast shake. Just take milk, a spoonful of peanut butter, a whole banana, a bit of cocoa, and some ice, and mix them together in a blender. These are great on the go nutritious drinks your kids will absolutely love, plus the recipe options are endless.

Easy and Flavorful Overnight Oats

This one takes a bit of prep the night before, but it’s a grab-and-go healthy and tasty sensation in the morning. Just take a cup of rolled oats, ½ cup of Greek yogurt, 1 cup of milk, a teaspoon of vanilla, and a tablespoon of honey. Then, place all the ingredients into a mason jar and mix. Close the lid and refrigerate the oats overnight.

These are best served cold in the morning. Note: if they are too thick for your liking, just add a bit more milk before serving, and they’ll be absolutely perfect. Delicious every time!

Breakfast Popsicles

For warm weather, festive, and nutritious breakfast on the run, surprise your kids with a breakfast popsicle.

Take vanilla yogurt and place a bit into a popsicle mold the night before. Then place good sized slices of fresh fruit down the side. You want the fruit to be beautifully displayed in the finished popsicle product.

You can use your favorite fruits, but kiwi, mango, peaches, and strawberries are absolutely perfect for this treat. Then, add more yogurt and fruit until the popsicle mold is full. Freeze overnight. This one’s sure to make your kids smile, and have them asking for more.

Breakfast Parfait

Presentation, as well as nutrition and taste, matter with this easy breakfast. Just take your favorite yogurt and place some on the bottom of a pretty dessert glass. Then layer the yogurt with fresh berries and banana slices. Keep layering up, until you reach close to the top.

Finish the parfait off with a sprinkling of seeds or chopped nuts, and a final colorful slice of fresh fruit. Every kid enjoys eating a breakfast that looks like it’s worth celebrating.

Peanut Butter and Banana Roll Up

Take a whole wheat tortilla and spread it with a generous amount of peanut butter, then place several sliced bananas on top. Simply roll the tortilla, slice into bite-sized pieces, and arrange on a plate, or serve as a large roll up for a breakfast on the run. This one is as tasty, and as easy, as it is nutritious.

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