Quiche Three Cheese

Sep 28, 2020
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Quiche Three Cheese

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Cooking Instructions:

Oven – especially helpful when heating multiple items. Thawed. Preheat oven to 300 degrees. Place in baking dish and cover tightly with tin foil. 20 minutes.

Microwave - 800 watt microwave and customers can adjust up or down from there.

Thawed – 1 minute FULL power and then sit for 1 minute to distribute heat

Frozen – 2 minutes FULL power and then sit for 1 minute


For an extra creamy texture, place quiche in a small non-stick pan with 1 TBSP water and gently heat covered for 5 – 6 minutes.


Don’t let the three kinds of cheese in this Quiche fool you. It’s one of the lightest and most versatile foods we make. As soon as it hits your mouth, you’ll feel the robust parmesan. Then, you’ll get the creamy mouthfeel of fine goat cheese. And to finish it off, a little sharp bite of cheddar for a truly divine combination.

Package Information:

6 Servings per Box

Net Weight Each: 3.75oz (106g)

Total Net Weight: 22.5 oz, 1.4 lbs (638g.)




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