Adopting a Mediterranean Lifestyle: Diet and Benefits

Jan 30, 2019

There’s no doubt: The Mediterranean lifestyle is an old and valued tradition. It’s more than our celebratory attitude, and our joyful appreciation of beauty, that contributes to our happiness and longevity. A Mediterranean style diet also plays a significant role in our healthy lifestyle.

If you’d like to adopt a Mediterranean diet and learn more about it, you’ve definitely come to the right place.

Delicious Mediterranean Food

The Mediterranean includes Spain, Italy, and Greece. While each nation has its own cuisine preferences and spices, they also share common ingredients.

The Mediterranean is surrounded by water, so it stands to reason fresh fish and seafood would be a universal diet staple. Quality olive oil, fresh herbs, whole grains and nuts, and garden fruits and vegetables are always front and center.

Meats, like lamb, are more often served than beef. Dessert, while it can be rich and sweet, is often a simple serving of fruit and cheese. Food is always fresh and relished for flavor and pure enjoyment.

And wine. There’s always wine.

Blissful Mediterranean Lifestyle

A healthy Mediterranean lifestyle means keeping things simple and taking time to enjoy each second. Whether it’s quietly sipping a cup of coffee, or leisurely talking with family and friends over a long dinner, it’s always about slowing down and being in the moment.  

So, take your time. Relax. Sit on your deck and enjoy the sunset. Go for a walk. Pour yourself a glass of wine, and smell the roses. After all: What’s your hurry? Here are a couple of easy and healthy recipes to help you adopt the true blissfulness of a Mediterranean lifestyle with all of its benefits.

Greek Lemon and Garlic Chicken

Greek Lemon and Garlic Chicken

Actually called Kotopoulo Skorthato in Greece, this delicious, healthy, and hearty meal is a standard. Just take a 3-4 pound chicken, and then peel and quarter 3-4 pounds of potatoes. Add salt and pepper.

Afterward, place the chicken and potatoes in a roasting pan. Add ½ cup of extra virgin olive oil, ¼ cup of lemon juice, 7-8 cloves of chopped garlic, and some dried oregano.

Lastly, add 2 cups of chicken stock to the pan and cook at 350 degrees for about 1 hour and 45 minutes. Halfway through the cooking process, turn the chicken so both sides brown evenly. Garnish with fresh lemon slices. Enjoy!

Spanish Salsa Verde

Spanish Salsa Verde

Chop a small onion, and then take a ½ pound of green peppers and remove the seeds. Chop a small bunch of fresh parsley. Place salmon steaks at the bottom of a glass pan and squeeze the juice of 1 lemon over the top. Add coarse sea salt, and let the salmon marinate for about 10-15 minutes.  

In the meantime, sauté the onion and peppers in extra virgin olive oil. When soft, add 8 oz of white wine and 8 oz of fish stock. Reduce the heat to a simmer and stir in the parsley. Then, take a small hand blender and blend, until it’s smooth.

Take 8 whole garlic cloves and sauté them in olive oil. Once soft, remove the garlic, place the salmon in the oil, and brown on both sides. Spoon the sauce onto individual plates, and top with a salmon steak and a garlic clove. Then garnish with additional parsley and a fresh lemon slice. Welcome to the Spanish table!

If you’d like to indulge in authentic, Mediterranean Greek food, but want to leave the cooking to the experts, give Lemon and Vine a try. We use only the finest ingredients in our traditional Greek recipes. You’ll find us in the freezer section of your local grocery store. For more information, check us out at

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