4 Easy Gluten-Free Appetizers Everyone Will Enjoy

Apr 28, 2019

Are you, or your family, gluten sensitive? Or are you having a party and want to accommodate the diverse dietary issues your guests might have?  If so, you’ve come to the right place.

Serving gluten-free appetizers is easier than you might imagine. So, for your convenience, and just to get you started, we’ve created a short list of delicious gluten-free appetizer ideas.   

First, A Little About Gluten

Although it might sound complicated, gluten-free choices are really quite simple. Gluten is a protein found in some grain products — predominantly wheat — and are sometimes hidden in foods that you might not suspect carry grain. In recent years, for a variety of theories, sensitivity to gluten has become a widespread concern for consumers.

So, when you think of gluten-free party snacks, and finger foods, just focus on meats, cheeses, fruits, and vegetables.  And for flavor, as always, the fresher the better. Here are a few easy-to-make and serve gluten-free appetizers for parties.

4 Gluten Free Appetizer Ideas

1. Caprese Appetizers

Caprese Appetizers

There’s no need to make individual salads when you can have a Mediterranean and gluten-free Caprese appetizer. Here’s all you need to do:

Just take vine ripe, sweet, cherry tomatoes and place them on a small, individual wooden skewer. Alternate the skewers with pieces of fresh mozzarella (small mozzarella balls work perfectly), and then add a fresh basil leaf.

Drizzle each skewer with a bit of quality extra virgin olive oil, a sprinkle of coarse sea salt, and — if you like — a splash of fresh lemon juice. Place the skewers on a large platter and watch them disappear. These are easy, colorful, and delicious. And, of course, they are gluten-free.  

2. Greek Dip

Greek Dip

This is easy and always a winner with guests. Just take a cup of mayo and mix it with a 16 oz container of plain Greek yogurt. Then, season with sea salt and a dash of red pepper flakes. Blend the mixture with a clove of finely chopped garlic, two chopped green onions, a cup of cooked, drained, and chopped spinach, and a small can of water chestnuts. Place it in a pretty serving bowl.

To keep it gluten-free and healthy, nix the chips and serve the dip with delicious, fresh vegetables — like colored bell peppers, broccoli, celery, and carrots.

3. Stuffed Mushrooms

Stuffed Mushrooms

Take fresh, washed, white mushrooms and cut off the stems — so they will sit flat on the serving platter. Chop the stems in a mixing bowl, and add sea salt, shredded mozzarella, and chopped scallions. Scoop the mixture into the mushrooms. Then, bake them on a cooking sheet at 350 degrees for about 20 minutes, or until the insides are bubbling. Let the mushrooms cool for about 10 minutes, then serve warm. Delicious!

4. Guacamole with Gluten-Free Pita Chips


Freshly made guacamole is easier than you might expect to make at home. First, start with ripe avocados. After slicing them in half and tossing the pit, scoop the insides into a bowl. Add sour cream (or plain Greek yogurt) a bit of coarse sea salt, a splash of green Tabasco, and a generous squirt of fresh lemon or lime juice. Blend the dip until smooth, then taste to adjust the seasoning. Serve with gluten-free pita chips. Amazing, easy, and always a crowd pleaser.

For delicious, pre-made appetizers that you can easily heat and serve, just ask for Lemon and Vine products at your local grocery store. For more information, and for our incredible, gluten-free Keftethes (Greek meatballs) check us out at www.lemonandvine.com. We’d love to make your next party both easy and successful.  

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