A little about Yaya.

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Our products are Mediterranean Inspired

It was 1930 when Angelique came to America from Greece – a young woman with her husband and children. Times were hard, but she held her family together with her boundless love and the wonderful food she prepared. She knew that the dinner table was the center of family life. Just serving their favorite meals was her way of saying “I love you” every day. From Yaya to you… enjoy our Old World Greek Traditions with your family tonight!

Our vision…

Lemon & Vine’s Greek appetizers and entrees bring savory, delicious Greek family recipes to your table. Using premium ingredients like goat milk, red wine, lamb and fresh vegetables… you’ll be running back to the store for more!

  • Premium Ingredients
  • Authentic Family Recipes
  • Mediterranean Inspired
Handmade with Love

Enjoy our Old World Greek Traditions with your family tonight!


Erotas Enterprises, LLC was founded on three philosophies that we feel are equally important. Feeding people delicious and healthy food, giving back when and where we can, and trying always to do the right thing.
No one should be going hungry, especially our children. We all live on this earth together and together we need to solve the crisis of hunger.

Thanks to you, our loyal customers, we have so far been able to donate over 107,300 servings of Lemon & Vine products. As we grow, we will continue growing our commitment to providing meals for those who need a helping hand.



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